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Anyone who visits a website that uses cookies shall, in accordance with Swedish law, be informed that cookies are being set, for what purposes they are set, and how you can choose to reject them. Below you will find information regarding what cookies uses, and how you can set your browser to block cookies.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file set by a website to a visitor’s computer. A cookie is typically used to improve the visitor’s experience, or to collect visitor statistics.

What cookies are set by sets the following cookies to the visitor’s browser:

Cookie name Type of cookie Duration
___vizzit First party cookie 12 months
PHPSESSID First party cookie Until end of session
qtrans_cookie_test First party cookie Until end of session
viewed_cookie_policy First party cookie 12 months

First party cookies are set directly by the website and the organisation that runs it. only sets first party cookies.
Vizzit does not share data collected via cookies with third parties under any circumstances. Information collected by Vizzit cannot be used to identify individuals.

What is the purpose of Vizzit’s cookies

The cookies set by have the following purposes:


This cookie facilitates maintenance work on, and helps us improve our visitors’ experience.


This cookie makes it possible for the website to remember choices and settings made by the user during their visit to the website.


Vizzit is testing the possibility of automatically translating content on the website. This cookie is part of that test, and does not impact the user’s experience.


This cookie is used by the website to remember that the user has confirmed they have understood and consented to’s use of cookies.

Deleting or blocking cookies

You can delete cookies through your browser’s settings function. Exactly how this is done depends on what browser you are using; for more information, please consult your browser’s user manual.

If you wish to prevent a website from setting cookies to your computer, you can block the use of cookies in your browser’s security settings. It’s also possible to allow specific websites to set cookies, while blocking all others from doing the same.

Note that if you block or delete cookies, this may impact or restrict the functionality of certain websites. It may, for example, become impossible to stay logged in on a website, or for the website to remember any choices you have made during your visit.