My Vizzit

My Vizzit, the new generation of our toolsets!

Welcome to My Vizzit, the new generation of our toolsets! The new versions currently include the My Vizzit portal, the report toolset This Page, as well as our action email. New versions of our other toolsets will be released in stages. As users become accustomed to the expanded functionality of previous stages, new stages will be introduced.

Make it simple. That’s been our ambition since Vizzit was first founded, and permeates our work to this day. We have always placed great emphasis on listening to our clients, and focusing on their needs and requests. Much of what Vizzit offers today exists because of our clients. We always strive to make our toolsets easier to use, without compromising their functionality.

During all the years we have been active in this business, it’s become clear that our users have varying needs. We realised we needed to create toolsets that could be tailored to fit both profession and preference. The idea of My Vizzit was born: A Vizzit that was fully yours. With the concept of My Vizzit, a vision was also born: A toolset portal that could be tailored to be exactly what you wanted. We’re not there quite yet, but My Vizzit is an important first step on this journey.

Make your website happy. That’s the goal of everything we do. Our toolsets need to be easy to use, but it’s just as important that they help you improve your website. We want to help you make your website happy. For, as we all know, a happy website leads to happy visitors!

My Vizzit Portal

Make your website happy

Your toolset portal: My Vizzit

Let’s quickly go over some of what you can expect from the My Vizzit portal. What you see when you log into the portal is based on your role in your organisation.

My Vizzit provides you with quick and easy access to all Vizzit toolsets your organisation has activated, including a direct link to Vizzit This Page. You also have access to a number of extra functions and reports, among them a welcome message adapted to your user, and a list of pages under your purview, sorted by toolset.

You will also be presented with a report that shows you which required actions are the most urgent, based on the popularity of the pages they are located on. If your account has the requisite level of privileges, you can switch between reviewing only your own pages, and the website in its entirety. Some functions will initially not be available, and will unlock as new versions of each toolsets are released.

Your most urgent matters