Vizzit Webmaster is the tool that provides a unique overview of the website’s content. On its dashboard, there are several interesting keyvalues that for example show, how much time that is spent on the website, including changes, new publications and deleted pages. Here you can also see which editors that are active or not, and what pages they are responsible for.

All pages on the website are divided into five intervals. The red interval indicates unvisited pages and the fifth and last interval, colored blue, shows the most visited pages.


Each page in the folder structure has a color indicating which interval it belongs to. Red indicates unvisited pages.

Vizzit My Pages

With Vizzit My Pages’ editor tool, each editor receives information about the pages that he/she actively works with. The tool streamlines how you have worked with the maintenance and provides answers to several questions such as how many visits at each page, which pages are unvisited, how many are edited, newly published and deleted, etc.

Examples of reports




Analyze where in the structure all the unvisited pages are located. Unvisited pages are displayed with a red page icon. To the right, the sum of all unvisited pages contained within a given node is displayed.

Example: In the node “Elementary school” there are 20 unvisited pages of a total of 200 pages in the node, which means 10 % has never been viewed by visitors.

My Pages Dashboard

A specific report for the editor that summarizes all the pages for which the editor is responsible for, as well as the interval the pages belong to. The dashboard shows everything from unvisited pages to most visited pages, as well as links to the most widely used reports.

My Pages in a list

In this list the editor’s pages are presented in descending order with the unvisited pages at the top (red), to the most visited ones at the bottom (blue). The number of pageviews is displayed monthly for each page showing the last 12 months.