Vizzit Webmaster provides the user with a unique overview of a website’s content and its editors’ activity. With the help of this toolset, you can review, in detail, how well-visited different parts of the website are, where most changes and updates are made, new publications, depublication, as well as what parts of the website have the most editors assigned.

The toolset also provides you with the ability to obtain a deeper insight into what editors are active or inactive, the scope of their responsibilities, as well as each editor’s individual level of activity.


Each page in the folder structure has a color indicating which interval it belongs to. Red indicates unvisited pages.

Vizzit My Pages

With the editor toolset Vizzit My Pages, each individual content editor is provided with information regarding the pages they are responsible for. The toolset increases maintenance and monitoring efficiency, and provides answers to a number of questions, such as: how many page views does each page have, what pages go unvisited, which pages have been recently changed, published, or removed, and more.

Examples of reports


The dashboard presents a summary of the number of new publications, depublications, changes and updates made, the number of editors, and other useful key indicators. It also contains a graph showing the distribution of the website’s pages across five intervals stretching from well-visited to unvisited, accompanied by a corresponding table.


The structure report helps you review the distribution of each traffic interval, from unvisited to well-visited pages, as they appear in the website’s structure. The user-friendly interface makes it easy see how many pages belong to a given interval within an area or node on the website. Thanks to the structure design, you can review a chosen traffic interval all the way from the start page, down to individual pages anywhere on the website.

My Pages

My Pages is a version of the Vizzit Webmaster toolset, tailored for use by individual editors. The toolset contains its own dashboard with information regarding changes, new and de-publications, and a traffic interval for the pages within the given editor’s purview. My Pages also contains a graph showing the distribution of the given editor’s pages across the five traffic intervals.

My Pages – List

This report lists all of a given editor’s pages in ascending order, from unvisited (marked in red), to well-visited (marked in blue). The number of page views is presented month by month, distributed across the past 12 calendar months. This presentation includes notifications on when changes were made to a given page.