Broken Links



The main tool’s dashboard displays a summary of broken and fixed links. All pages that contain broken links are divided into intervals depending on traffic volume, which makes it easier to see which broken links that should be prioritized. The dashboard also displays history of broken and fixed links over time.


Click on the symbol to initiate action


The broken link is displayed with red text along with the red symbol.

Examples of reports


Click on the image to make it bigger.

Broken links in a list

All links on each page is listed in descending order, with the most visited pages at the top. Click on the page to see the broken link.


The overlay feature displays a compilation over the broken links found on the page, as well as where they are located. Even fixed links are listed in the compilation and what date they were fixed.

My broken links

A specific editor report, which only includes broken and fixed links on the pages that the editor is responsible for.