Page Updates


Vizzit Page Updates

This toolset provides the user with a good overview of what pages on the website are in need of reviewing and updating. With the assistance of a flexible user interface, a webmaster manages what content should be kept up-to-date, as well as sets the intervals with which this should occur.

Vizzit Page Updates makes it easy to see what content is in need of updating, but also provides a historic timeline of updates and the maintenance process. To assist the user with prioritising updates, the pages are listed in descending order of most page views.


The toolset’s dashboard provides the user with a clear overview of the status of the entire website. It contains a summary of how many pages are in need of updating, as well as how many have already been updated during the current calendar month. You can also review how work has progressed during the past 12 months.

Page updates – in structure

In order to make it easy to find pages that need to be updated there is, among others, the report Page Updates in structure. The pages are displayed with the same folder structure as in the CMS tool. Click on the red smiley to initiate action.

Examples of reports


The dashboard provides the user with a clear overview of how many pages are in need of updating. It also informs the user of how popular these pages are in terms of page views, split across five intervals.

Page Updates – Structure

By utilising the website structure as it is listed in your CMS, this toolset report provides you with a clear overview of what pages are in need of updating, making it easy to find whatever you are looking for. By using Vizzit’s traffic interval colours, you can tell apart popular and rarely visited pages at a glance.


The users tab presents a list of all editors, including information regarding their activity, how many pages they are responsible for, how many of these pages are in need of updating, as well as how many pages have been updated by each given editor during the current month. Click an editor’s name in the list to bring up detailed information for that editor.

My Page Updates

With the help of the toolset My Page Updates, a part of Page Updates, your website’s workload is automatically distributed to its respective editors, as determined by page ownership. In My Page Updates, a content editor can review their own work over time and address pages under their purview in need of updating. With the help of the Vizzit action email, these content editors also receive information via email whenever they need to take action.


With the help of this flexible settings interface, the webmaster can decide what content should be monitored by the toolset, with which intervals the pages should be updated, as well as by whom. This can be configured for both editors, node managers, as well as content managers. There is naturally an option to exclude pages that are not in need of monitoring.