Vizzit Insight

More and more people are asking for a simpler and more clearly analysis tool. Everyone is not in need of the most advanced features and reports. In that case, Vizzit Insight is a good complement – simple and straightforward.

The tool has an overlay feature that displays most of the reports directly on your own website. In this feature you also have the opportunity to monitor a specific page or analyze how visitors navigate on the site. Find out where the visitors are coming from, where they leave the website, and more.

How do visitors navigate?

“Record” a feed you want to analyze.

My guarded paths

An overview of all paths and pages that the user has chosen to monitor. A strict path means monitoring a specific path, from a selected homepage to a given landing page. An open path means that you have chosen the homepage and a given landing page, which means that the pages the visitor chooses to look at in between, is not specified.

Examples of reports


Vizzit Insight

Link Analysis

What links on a page does the visitor click on? The number of clicks is displayed in the “bubble” at each link.

“Record” a strict path

This means that you can specify a given path that you want to analyze. How many visitors have this specific behavior? How many people do not complete the whole path to the given page? If so, where are they going instead?

Guarded page

The report shows the trend of the page, selected keyvalues, paths to and from the page, as well as traffic sources and platforms.