Web analysis

Tools for web analysis

Web analytics is difficult and there is not always enough time. However, nine out of ten consider it important and wish there was more time to understand how visitors are using the website/intranet. Our ambition has always been to develop statistical tools that are easy to use, yet powerful. We have two tools, Vizzit Web Analyzer and Vizzit Insight. Vizzit Web Analyzer is more extensive while Vizzit Insight is a complement and thus a simpler version.



In order to make the analysis faster and easier, we are using the folder structure/directory tree in most of the reports in the tools. This allows the user to quickly get an overview of the website and at the same time easily get detailed information for a specific page. The color of the page icon is displayed in five levels, from white (not visited) to dark blue (most visited). This feature makes it easy to quickly identify the most visited areas on the website.


Vizzit This Page

The tool Vizzit Web Analyzer has an associated tool named Vizzit This Page. In this tool, the user receives analysis data about the page they have active in edit mode in the CMS tool. In other words, you can choose a specific page that you want to measure.