About us


About us

Vizzit was founded to simplify and enable user-friendly web maintenance and analytics, for everyone who desired to save time and resources when working on their website. Over time, our goal has been refined to making it as easy as possible for our users to manage and maintain their website, to make this maintenance work as effective as possible, as well as making it easy for users to carry out both basic and in-depth web analytics.

The Vizzit toolsets were created, and continue to be developed, with simplicity and user friendliness in mind, and are designed to facilitate work on the client’s own website. This includes integration with some of the largest CMS on the market, such as WordPress, EPiServer, SiteVision, and more.

Our clients reside in both the private and public sector, both within and outside Sweden’s borders. We take our clients’ integrity seriously, which is why all data we collect on their behalf is owned by said clients, and why this data is stored on secure servers in Sweden, to which only Vizzit staff have access.


Vizzit International AB

Visiting address:
Ynglingagatan 12, 1 tr, Stockholm

Mail: info@vizzit.se
Phone: +46 8-545 888 60

Postal address:
Källängsvägen 54, 181 44 Lidingö