Analysis & Consulting

Analysis & Consulting

We offer our customers everything from consulting to more in-depth web analyzes. Typically, time shortages are the main obstacle to not work actively with maintenance and analytics. For many people, it is enough with a summary quarterly report, highlighting problems and shortages that should be addressed. Here we also provide tips and advice on simple improvements.

For those who want to deepen the analysis, we offer more advanced web analyzes. The starting point of what to analyze is determined with the customer. For example, it is up to the customer if the analysis should be limited to a specific area or if it should be broader.


Some questions you get answered in the analysis

  • Do our visitors reach the prioritized areas?
  • What are the most common paths from the homepage?
  • Is the structure/logic on the homepage the most effective one?
  • Is the logic in the different menus the most effective for the visitor?

Analysis in 2 different levels

  • Simplified analysis
  • In-depth web analysis – tailored to customer needs and wishes