Why attend a Vizzit training seminar?

The only difference between one who reaps minor benefits from using Vizzit toolsets, and one who reaps major benefits, is knowledge.

That’s why Vizzit offers a number of training and educational seminars, both standardised and customised, for all our clients. Would you like a refresher course on the Vizzit basics, or an in-depth walkthrough of how to analyse visitor behaviour? Are you interested in a look at the new Swedish accessibility law for public sector websites, as it applies to web content editors? Or would you prefer a sit-down where we look at a more select line of questions, tailored specifically to your needs?

Regardless of what shapes your need for training and education, Vizzit is here to help! Together we can arm your organisation with more effective web maintenance, more up-to-date information on your website, as well as a better overview of your content editors’ activity and division of labour.


Seminars for Vizzit toolsets

  • Educational seminars tailored to your organisation, where we walk you through what you need to know and do when using Vizzit toolsets. Good for both content editors and webmasters.
  • Vizzit in practice – a seminar where we look at how you can maximise the benefits of your Vizzit usage.


Seminars in accessibility and web analytics

  • Swedish accessibility law in practice – a seminar where we look at the recent accessibility law for public sector websites, and how to ensure that the page contents of such websites live up to the legal requirements specific to this type of content. Aimed at both content editors and webmasters.
  • Client-tailored seminars in web analytics, where we discuss how to analyse and draw conclusions from web statistics.